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The Richmond Hotshots are a non-profit organization. The club is operated under the Richmond Rod & Gun Club. The Hotshot's club has been in operation since the early 1980's. IPSC matches are held every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Plaques are given to the top three, dependent on the number of sign-up per class.

We also have "Specialty Matches"(ICORE, COWBOY, IDPA, LONG GUN and STEEL CHALLENGE) spread out during the course of the year. Please refer to the Schedule Of Events for specific dates and matches. Since we have adopted Practiscore electronic scoring, many of our matches are listed on Practiscore.com. When searching for a match, enter "richmond" in the search box, and you should be able to find the link to the next scheduled match.

Rimfire Challenge
Updated 08/17/2018

Richmond Hotshots range will be hosting Rimfire Challenge events in 2018. Registration is open on site, day of event 8:00am - 9:00am. Shooting starts immediately after registration closes and safety meeting. Late registrations will not be accepted. Registration fee: $20 per person Event dates:

  • May 27, 2018
  • July 22, 2018
  • September 30, 2018
  • October 28, 2018
Volunteers are encouraged to help build stages the day prior to the match.

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What is Rimfire Challenge? The RCSA Rimfire Challenge, formerly known as the NSSF Rimfire Challenge, introduces participants to the fun and excitement of competitive shooting in a safe, low-pressure, family-friendly format. Go to www.rimfirechallenge.org for more information.

What are the rules? Go to http://www.rimfirechallenge.org/rule-book/ for more information.

Do I need to be an experienced competitor to participate? No you don’t need to be an experienced competitor to participate in these events, but you must be able to handle and manipulate your firearms safely. Previous completion of a firearms training course is highly recommended.

What do I need to compete? All that is required to participate are a functioning rifle and pistol chambered in .22lr and 5 magazines for each. Bring at least 250 rounds of quality ammo. You must be able to handle those firearms safely. Eye and ear protection is mandatory at all times.

Can I shoot just my pistol or rifle in a match? No. Rimfire Challenge is a two gun (rifle and pistol) competition.

Can I shoot my .22 WMR (or any other) guns in a Rimfire Challenge match? No. Only firearms chambered in .22lr caliber may be used in Rimfire Challenge events.

2018 Class Schedule
Updated 09/05/2018
 Steve Anderson - Pistol Competition Classes(August 7-10)
August 7/8 for C and B shooters ($450)
August 9/10 for A,M and GM Shooters ($450)
 Northern Red Pistol(August 28-29)
Tactical Pistol Skills Class by LANGDON TACTICAL(September 24-25)
 Kita Busse (formerly Kita Stoeger) - USPSA Movement Class(October 3-4)
$400 per person
 Two Day Tactical Pistol Class by Super Dave Harrington (November 5-6)
Dave Harrington is a former Special Forces instructor
Not a beginners Class
Cost $560.00
 Two Day USPSA Pistol Class by Elias Frangolis (November 16-17)
Elias Frangolis is a World USPSA Limited сhampion
Open to 'C' and above shooters
Cost $460.00
 Glock Armorers course (December 4)
For any questions please contact Jeff (bogienugget"at"gmail.com)

Richmond Multigun
The Richmond Hotshots are proud to host several Multigun and long gun matches during the year as well as Multigun Practice sessions. Practice and Matches are run under USPSA or UML Multigun rules and serve the purpose of preparing competitors for Multigun competition on a national level. It's highly recommended that competitors read the rulebooks for USPSA Multigun and UML. Understanding the rules is vital to following the necessary safety guidelines, complying with division specifications, and comprehending scoring methods.

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NEW SHOOTERS see the new shooter section at the bottom.

USPSA Rules: https://uspsa.org/rules

UML Website: Coming soon

UML Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unitedmultigunleague/

UML Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i7rn0rwTHmQM4jsJ9md0870yVp0Xqst96MFLLi1WdOk/edit

Multigun Saturday Practices

Multigun practice is hosted on Bay 4 of the Richmond Action Range from 9:30am - 1:30pm on the first Saturday of every month. Please come out and help us setup and build the practice starting at 9am. There you'll find Range Officers prepared to guide competitors through a practice stage and/or drills aimed to test and improve competitors multigun skills. It's the intent that practice will be designed to allow different combinations of firearms to be used, from typical Multigun (Rifle, Pistol, shotgun), to the UML 2x4 divisions, also allowing just PCC, just rifle, or just pistol. Practices will be different month to month and may use special props such as Clay pigeon throwers, MGM Spinners, Texas Stars, Polish plate racks.... ect. Round count will vary, but there should always be plenty of shooting. Shotgun may require a mix of slugs, buck, and bird shot. Competitors will run through the stage or drills as many times as desired.

No ammo that will attract a magnet, no steel core, AP, or bimetal jacket.

No steel shot (lead or bismuth shot only)!

Multi-Gun Practice Requirements

To participate in the Multigun Saturday Practice you must meet at least one of the following requirements. There are no exceptions.

1. USPSA, IDPA or SASS match experience.

2. Completion of the Richmond Safe Handgunner Competitor Class.

More details

If you think you qualify but haven’t attended practice before, please contact The Richmond Rod and Gun Club Multigun Director, Greg Fiddes, to get checked off prior to attending.

Practice Procedure: Upon arrival at the Richmond Rod and Gun Club, you should go to the public shooting range (first left from the gate) and pay the range use fee at the Public Range, tell them you're going to practice on the action range. They will give you a receipt. Bring the receipt to the Action Range static line (typically bay 3) and check in, sign the waiver and place the receipt in the envelope. You can then join us on Bay 4 for Multigun Practice. All guns must be bagged/un-bagged in the safety area, or at the pre-load table/rack area on the stage (not at your vehicle).


To practice any action shooting discipline on the action range, it’s required that shooters take the Safe Handgunner class, the now discontinued Safe Multigun Competitor Class, or already have match experience at a sanctioned USPSA, IDPA, or Multigun match. See our notice at the bottom of this page for info on signing up for the safe Handgunner class (LINK). If you think you qualify but haven’t attended practice before, please contact The Richmond Rod and Gun Club Multigun Director, Greg Fiddes, to get checked off prior to attending.

Qualified new shooters should show up at 9:30am sharp to get briefed by the practice Chief Range Officer. They will lead you through the safety rules for the range and expectations during practice. ROs will coach and closely follow new competitors through the stage. Shooters must complete the practice without disqualification to get approved to attend Multigun Matches. If you’re new to action competition, it's highly recommended to get familiar with the rules and run several of the pistol matches before jumping into Multigun.

Multigun Match Prerequisites

To compete in any Richmond Multigun Match (BARC, CASC, Multigun, Red Labor, PCC Match) a competitor must meet at least one of the following requirements. There are no exceptions.

1. Demonstrated Multigun competition experience. This means you must show that you have previously competed in a "championship level" USPSA , IMG, or UML rules based multigun match, AND completed the match without being disqualified. (Final match results with your printed name, or a letter from a match official must be presented).

2. USPSA, IDPA or SASS match experience AND a checkoff from a RRGC Saturday multigun practice session.

3. Completion of the Richmond Safe Handgunner Competitor Class, AND a checkoff from the Chief Range Officer at a Saturday multigun practice session.

You may contact the Richmond Rod and Gun Club Multigun Director, Greg Fiddes, with any questions.

New Match Time Format
USPSA signups start at 8:00 AM. Shooters' meeting at 9:00 AM; match starts directly after the meeting.
There are no more walk-throughs for IPSC matches; please read stage descriptions carefully.

** IDPA Match sign up starts at 8:00am and ends at 9:00am. Walk-through starts at 9:05am.

Attention New Shooters: The Richmond Safe Handgun Competitor classes are offered at Richmond. New shooters will now be required to attend one of these classes to be able to shoot any of the matches. Classes will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Due to the overwhelming demand for these classes, we are now requesting a non-refundable pre-payment of $25 to hold a slot for the class. Please contact Steve Cachia for instruction on where to send it to. For more info go to the Intro to Ipsc page. If you would like to read or download the booklet click here

To help introduce new shooters to the sport of IDPA, we created an Introduction to IDPA booklet to help explain the sport and its rules.