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This class is meant for:

  • People familiar with proper operation of a hand gun looking for a new way to enjoy the shooting sports beyond target shooting
  • People who have at least 1,000 rounds through the pistol they intend to compete with
  • People with little or no competition experience

After successful completion of the class you will have been given:

  • The absolute and nonnegotiable safety requirements of Richmond Rod and Gun Club and almost any IPSC or USPSA match range
  • USPSA Rulebook
  • Overview of the sport of Action Shooting
  • Etiquette of the sport
  • Equipment required
  • Volunteer responsibilities to keep the matches going

This class will not teach you:

  • How to shoot
  • Defensive handgun or self defense

What you will get for your $25 course fee:

  • Certificate to compete in your next (first) match free (range bucks)
  • Tips and drills that you can practice to improve your competitive performance.
  • What you should bring to the class:

    • A safe and properly operating pistol or revolver that must be carried separate from your ammo (No ammo allowed in the Safe Area, which is the only place where you may handle and holster your pistol)
    • Protective eye and ear equipment
    • Pistol holster that completely covers the trigger guard and magazine holsters
    • At least 3 magazines
    • 150 rounds of Ammo
    • Lunch and plenty of water

    Some of the other topics we will discuss are USPSA divisions, rules, and the classification system. We will discuss and practice, drawing, reloading, sight picture, trigger control, drills, moving through a stage, planning how to negotiate a stage, and range commands. We will also tell you what you can do for practice at home.

    We will be in the classroom from 9AM until 11:00AM with a break for lunch. Then, we will be on the range from 11:30AM until 1:30PM.

    Call or e-mail Steve Cachia for more information and to sign up for a course. 650-238-4003 scachia1@gmail.com